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Over the past 10 – 15 years, the use of large panels of custom glass for showers and bathrooms has grown tremendously along with more modern and contemporary homes. No longer reserved for high end custom homes, even modest homes are being renovated to benefit from the look and ease of maintenance with custom glass. They also add additional value to your home in the event of re-sale. We are able to produce, supply and install a variety of different types of glass for use in your shower or bathroom. Some of the more popular types include:

Gallery of Shower & Bathtub Glass Installations

Indulge in our gallery of Shower & Bathtub glass installations. Looking for ideas for your own custom shower project? Our gallery is full of previous work and ideas to get you started.

Popularity of Frame-less shower doors

Traditionally, shower doors have been framed for many years. Frames often come in several finishes including brushed nickel, chrome, brushed aluminum, or painted any color. However, frame-less doors are becoming more of a modern alternative to the standard framed, or sliding glass door. Modern mounting and hinge hardware allows us to support the weight of these large glass panels

Type of glass used in our shower doors

We use a high quality, tempered safety glass for all of our shower doors. The reasoning for using tempered glass is primarily in the event of accidental shattering. Traditional glasses shatter into large slices, where as tempered safety glass breaks into small oval pebbles. The result is a pebble with no sharp edges, avoiding the chance of a serious injury. We also use one of our unique edge polishing machines to ensure a polished glass edge. This produces a solid surface for both installation and presentation of final edges. Some customers may opt for a “Low Iron” glass, which makes the glass optically clear, rather than having a slight greenish tinge to it.

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